BANKRUPTCY -PART 7 ——— Your house is being sold or you are being evicted tomorrow.

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It is an emergency. Your house is being sold or you are being evicted tomorrow. You can still file a bankruptcy by filing the papers below. You can stop the foreclosure or eviction by bringing the Notice of Bankruptcy Filing to the foreclosure auctioneer or to the court where the eviction is being handled. It is better to have an attorney, but you are allowed to do this yourself.

Section 2 – Filing Requirements and Procedures

(b) Chapter 7 Individual (Bankruptcy Petition) Documents.
(1) At a minimum, documents (A, B, and C), MUST BE FILED,
when applicable, or the bankruptcy filing will not be accepted.
(A) Statement About Your Social Security Numbers — If filing
electronically, this document must be filed separately
from the other documents in this package. …
(B) Voluntary Petition for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy
(Official Form 101) — this completed form must be signed by
the debtor(s) after the debtor(s) has read the Notice
Required by 11 U.S.C. § 342(b) for Individuals Filing
Bankruptcy (Form 2010) that is available on the court’s
(C) Master Mailing List of Creditors — this is not a form; it is a
list of creditors’ names and addresses. …
(D) Initial Statement About an Eviction Judgment Against You
(Official Form 101A) – this form must be filed with your
voluntary petition IF you marked “Yes” to both
questions in #11 on the Voluntary Petition for
Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy (Official Form 101). As
required by LBR 4001-1, the filer must attach to this Official
Form 101A: 1) a check in the form of a certified cashier’s
check or money order payable to the lessor or landlord in
the amount of any rent that would become due during the
30-day period after filing of the bankruptcy petition; and 2) a
copy of the judgment for possession (LBR 4001-1).

WARNING: There are additional documents that must be filed within 14 days of filing bankruptcy. If they are not filed the bankruptcy will be dismissed.


If you have any questions about filing a bankruptcy, please call Attorney Linda Fessler at 213-446-6766 for a free consultation.

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