Superior Court Appeals

Preserving Your Rights Under Law In the event a federal trial or hearing yields an unfavorable result, The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler, can seek to have that outcome reversed or a new trial or hearing ordered. When you win a case, protecting that verdict becomes imperative, and we can help you avoid the additional legal costs a new hearing would entail. Linda Fessler is a highly experienced appellate attorney. She has a comprehensive understanding of the appellate process, the state and federal courts, and how to obtain positive results from the judicial system. Our appellate practice encompasses:

Successful State and Federal Appeals Cases Judges and juries can and do make mistakes. In other situations, inconsistencies or gaps in the law may require clarification by a superior court. Knowing on what to base a state or federal appeal, when and where to file the state or federal appeal, what procedures to follow, and what you can realistically expect to achieve from the appeal are all questions that require an experienced attorney to answer. Our experience in both the California state and federal systems gives you the advantage of having a lawyer who knows state and federal procedures inside and out — procedures that can be critical in the appeals process. Federal and Administrative Appeals Federal appeals are not always handled in the federal circuit courts of appeal. For example, an appeal from a district court would normally be made to a circuit court. The EEOC, on the other hand, hears appeals from federal final agency decisions for certain employees. Additionally, appeals from EEOC decisions can normally be made to a federal district court. Other administrative agencies of the federal government have their own appeals procedures. U.S. Supreme Court appeals must be handled using a unique, timely, and complex procedure. The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler can help ensure that your appeal is filed with the proper entity. Past Experience, Persuasive Representation, Positive Results Whatever your situation, our experience can assure you that you are not defeated by mere procedure. The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler has the experience and the knowledge to assess, prepare, and pursue your appeal as far as possible. Using legal reasoning well-founded in law, persuasive argumentation, and our passionate commitment, we will seek optimal results for you. Located in Southern California, The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler represents clients across the country. For a free, no-obligation telephone consultation with The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler, call (213) 617-8684, or contact us online.

Aggressive and Effective Representation for
  • Appeals to the California Court of Appeals
  • Appeals to the California Supreme Court
  • Federal Appeals
  • Federal Administrative Appeals
  • Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court
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4 Responses to “Superior Court Appeals”

  1. Jack Abolhesn says:

    I recently lost my home while I was in a loan modification review. I received several letters before and after the sale date telling me, that my case was being reviewed and they’d let me know in such n such date, the next day the house was sold in auction.

  2. Beneficial information and facts. Fortunate everyone I uncovered your web site inadvertently, and i am surprised exactly why this particular coincidence couldn’t happened prior! My spouse and i bookmarked that related web site.

  3. David Soffer says:

    I filed an 85 page complaint and over 300 documents that prove Chase never had any intention on providing any mortgage assistance and that the offers are bogus. I spent 5 years responding to such offers after I was approved for a HAMP TPP and made the 3 trial payments but was denied the modification.
    I haven proven that the executive Analyst, Karen Martinez, was retaliating against me for the complants I file with the OCC in which I exposed her for fraud. She was caught after I filed a complaint witht the CA Attorney Genereal for violating the National Mortgage Settlement Consent Judgement and depriving me of my CA Homeowner Bill of Rights.
    The Judge dismissed the case without there being any hearing. I never even received anything form Chase regarding the dismissal. The case can be viewed at The case # is 16768. There is no way I have the money for an appeal. Attorneys are entitled to reasonable attorneys fees and I can agree to a contingency fee. I have already written the complaint and arranged the documents. I have damages for lost vacation rental income for 5 years and punitive damages. I can prove malice according to the lasw adn have the documents to support it. I live in a small 4 unit HOA and the other 3 units are all vacation rentals. They are full year round as we are less than 1/2 block to Windan’Sea Beach. They get about $2500 week. There is also the delinquency on the mortgage which is over 200K. Thank you. David Soffer 858-213-5650

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