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The Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler is committed to providing you with top notch legal support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. We fight for you!

Linda Rose Fessler
Linda Fessler earned her J.D. Degree from the University of Southern Califoria Law School in 1970. Ms Fessler believed that in starting her own practice, she could be more effective in helping people deal with a variety of legal issues. Shortly after graduation, Ms Fessler founded the Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler. Since then, Ms Fessler has represented numerous clients in State and Federal Courts on matters ranging from civil and criminal litigation, to immigration, labor law, family law, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, and more; and on appeal to the California Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Through her legal practice Ms Fessler has been able in full measure to realize her passion for helping people at all levels of litigation and protection.

Ms Fessler is an active member of the California Bar Association. She is licensed to practice in all California Courts, before the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.


Robert Williscroft
Robert is a highly competent paralegal, with broad experience in virtually every branch of law. He has participated in countless family law and state and federal civil and criminal litigation matters, and has researched and prepared cases for the California Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He comes out of a military career, with a formal education in science and engineering, with a special expertise in all things computer related. Mr. Williscroft is the author of several successful books, and is a frequent guest on radio talk shows across the nation. (Ask him about the South Pole!)

Mr. Williscroft is active in a number of professional organizations including the Military Officer’s Association, the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles, and MENSA.

Shamar Amirah Bibbins
Shamar has over tem years of communications and research experience, and has worked with the Law Offices of Linda Rose Fessler for the past five years as Office Manager and Legal Assistant. As a liaison between Attorney Fessler, our paralegal staff and our clients, Shamar’s attention to detail and excellent communication skills provide an additional level of comfort and confidence to our clients, ensuring that their cases are handled with the utmost care and concern. A native of Michigan, Shamar graduated with honors from Vassar College, majoring in the multi-disciplinary program, Science, Technology and Society. Upon graduation, Shamar was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship and studied abroad for a year as a research fellow. She began working in the legal field while still in college, as a project assistant at the New York law firm Debevoise & Plimpton. In addition to working in the legal field, she has managed fast-paced office environments in sports, investment banking, and IT.

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  1. I am contacting you in behalf of a dear, longstanding friend, whom is in the throws what is the wake of foreclosure and ensuing
    UD in the High Desert demographic region of LA County, CA. In July, 2014, Claude, spouse to my friend, died while on the job as a long hauler trucker for SWIFT. At the time of Claude’s passing, “Sandy” was under the custody of LACSD. Upon her release in January, 2015, she came home to learn that the mortgage, along with all other crucially necessitated utilities were in acute arrearages. Through death insurance policy proceeds, Sandy was able to bring the majority of all accounts current… however, BOA was obstinant to work with her to such effect that it would not even entertain payment on the loan account if not made by Claude, dead or alive. Had I not been present to witness this fact, I would have been of certaintude that anyone relaying this scenario were prevaricating.
    At the time of commencement of the loan, BOA was offering reasonably priced mortgage life insurance to its customers, as issued through AIG, dba NATIONAL FIRE UNION INSURANCE COMPANY. Claude paid into this policy for over 73 months until his untimely death. In March, 2015 BOA instituted foreclosure proceedings. A cure to the default of the mortgage loan was effected immediately, whereinsofar that WOLF LAW FIRM, as substitute trustee, required that my friend submit a certified copy of Claude’s death certificate and her marriage license to Claude. In paying well over 6K++, Sandy brought the loan current.
    Through haggling to and fro with GUILD MORTGAGE COMPANY, servicer of the loan, and
    BOA, all parties resumed former positions, wherein these fiduciaries refused to acknowledge Claude’s expiration and denied Sandy opportunity of working with her, particularly concerted to the issue of the mortgage life insurance policy. Per the terms of this policy, upon Claude’s death, in this particular instance, the insurer was to pay the outstanding balance owing on the Note, transferring ownership to Sandy as the successor in interest and as sole beneficiary of the property of their home.
    Not only did BOA and AIG deny that any such service product existed, one representative even scoffed, stating, “There IS no such thing as ‘mortgage life insurance’!” Subsequently, after behooving both corporations to extend the offer for a loan modification in attempt to preserve the home for her disabled adult son, if none else, she was denied. In March of this year, BOA instituted foreclosure proceedings once again. Her home was auctioned on 08/04/2016. The very next day, Sandy was improperly served a 3-Day Notice to Quit as being issued from what purportively was the “property manager” for the new owner which had “duly perfected title”…we both are aware that this is just an outright falsification, here. Be that as it may, UD proceedings were then instituted immediately thereafter. In a conundrum of communication lines being crossed and the “left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing”, I had prepared a NOTICED MOTION TO DEMUR in her behalf, obtaining a hearing date on the matter for 09/08/2016. It was my understanding that the REAL ESTATE LAW CENTER would be handling the overall UD pretrial phase up to and throughout settlement/jury verdict aside from this motion phase of this suit. Unfortunately, at this point, the motion laboured over is now moot. However, all is not lost. I had advised Sandy that she may pursue the feasibility of a wrongful foreclosure action against all entities associated with BOA, AIG, the purportive new owner, etc., et al and the fraudulent foreclosure conducted on her home. Sandy and I had both anticipated that the REAL ESTATE LAW CENTER would be capable to assist in the latter action; however, I’ve learned late as of this afternoon that this is not the case. I am a die hard for “Ma, Uncle Sam, and apple pie”, as it were and I still believe in the Republic of “We the People”. This is to say that I am vested with the ideology, perhaps under utopic delusion, that there is still justice to be had in this land, and, in this case. If your firm would be open to discussing this matter further, I would greatly appreciate your time for a consultation with my friend, whom is holding on by threads at this point. Whatever you are able to extend during this consultation, again, would be tremmendously appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your ongoing dedication in this particular field and for what time you’ve expended in simply reading this verbose message, I remain, Respectfully, JHWeber, JD

  2. Phyllis Cole says:

    Cole says:
    December 13, 2016 at 12:03 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I received and filled out a post card type survey back in Feb 2016; have heard nothing since. How do I get my claim activated into the system and receive a claim number.
    I did not make a copy of the post card survey.

    Dec 20, 2016
    I never received a response from your company regarding my request. What happened to my survey card submitted back in Feb 2016. This not fair that I have excluded from settlement after the way I was mistreated by Wells Fargo. I almost lost my home because of the way they demanded pass due amounts. Is this for a certain class of people?

    • Call me at 213-446-6766.

    • I am not directly involved in this case. I just follow it for interested parties. The case is on appeal. If you received a claim number you are OK. But I do not know what survey you are talking about. As far as I know, there was no survey, just a claim number sent in the mail. You could also filed for a claim number online at the Wells Fargo Inspection Settlement website. The deadline has passed on filing for a claim number. It remains to be seen if they will give you another chance because of the appeal.

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